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Amazing Road TV 146,401 views Mercedes W203 ESP ABS Module Replacement. ----- Mercedes Benz Replace Steering Angle Sensor - M112 W203 C320 C-Class Download MERCEDES W203 - 2005 - C230 SEAT SIMULATOR INSTALL Download How to Replace Combination Switch 2004 Mercedes (W203) Download Luz de SRS e varias outras Mercedes 240 w203 Download How to Remove and Replace a Door Panel on a Mercedes Benz W203 C240 C230 E320 Download MERCEDES-BENZ C320 2001 W203 Owner's Manual view, print and download online for free. Not ABS, just ESP its a C200, 2005 model wagon. fault code 5170 – ESP shows on start (1 answer) 8,062 Repairguides for MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS (W203) Wiring diagrams (1,800) for 25 Vehicles Mercedes w203 esp reset free. I didn't have an ESP problem before, just a fault ( Driver Airbag Your Mercedes: w203 c220cdi 2002. I also noticed that once the car was parked and I wanted to put my top up, the switch to put the top up would flash red and the top would not go up as normal. . fuse box location. You just had a noisy wheel bearing replaced, and now your ABS brake light is on, you inspect all the ABS brake sensors, and everything looks ok, none of the sensors or wires are damaged, what could be the problem? Nyt Mursu sitten keksi uuden probleeman! ESP fault ja vakkari pois pelistä. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. Fault of traction system over CAN P1221 CAN reception from ASR/ETC/ESP P1221 CAN signal from ASR/EGS/ESP P1222 accelerator pedal position sensor   Fault of traction system over CAN. to attempt to remedy an ABS BAS ESP . Try to reactivate the system or bring to a dealership. to attempt to remedy an ABS BAS ESP cruise control fault. Hope that helps. Jay, is there a chance it is more likely to be the Control Unit? The fault code C1036 and C1172 that I got off an mechanic before coming to you points at traction control; therefore if steering angle and traction and otehr esp related items are all reading faults, then amybe it is the main box of tricks? My Mercedes c320 2001 shows esp not available. MERCEDES BENZ Car Fault Codes DTC list Powertrain P0100 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem Anyone know the information for these codes please? 451 CDI 2010 had the car lose 2nd and 4th gear, abs and esp, and 3 bars and the 2 spanners the other day before having the errors reset. W203 CAN B (MY 2001) X30/6 N73 N70 N22 A1 N72/1 N10/1 X30/7 N10/2 A40/3 N32/1 N69/1 N69/3 N69/4 N69/2 N32/2 N2/7 X30/4 A35/17 1 2 CAN H wires are BN/RD CAN L wires are BN except where indicated GN/WT GN 1 early late RD BN 2 BN/BK BN via N10/1 Note: Always refer to the wiring diagram for your model and year. Finally Fix Mercedes C Class Esp Abs Bas Fault Light Malfunction - Finally Fix Mercedes C Class Esp Abs Bas Fault Light Malfunction All information is taken from the Mercedes C Class W203 owners manual. Below there`s first photos and text info about the new C-Class W203 sedan - at first I intended to update this page some day later page with bigger-size photos, but as now it`s months after the presentation of the car I decided not to do that as the car magazines - both the printed and the internet versions - are full of photos and info about the car. Press button (UP arrow) or (DOWN arrow) on the multifunction steering wheel until the FSS indicator appears in the display. Even after that while examining the car, it may easily be said "THAT THERE WAS NO WARNING ON THE DASHBOARD AND THRERFORE THERE WAS NO FAILURE". after the engine is started, and various fault codes are stored in the relevant control units,  This is a Repair and Return service of your existing Electronic Stability Program ( ESP) ABS control module. £130. Brake light switch is also a common problem in this model too. Having the Brake Pressure Sender Sensor Switch fitted internally to the ABS Pump is a new space-saving idea which has gone terribly wrong and unfortunately dealerships are yet to recover from this outbreak of faulty units as they have not yet Mercedes Benz BAS/ESP Light On? I have a 2000 Mercedes Benz e320 and the BAS/ESP light turned on. Here you will find a comprehensive list of DIY guide videos for the Mercedes C Class W204. only abs light comes back. Hi everyone, Full Problem Explained: Just yesterday, I noticed that my ABS/BAS and ESP warning lights were lit up on my instrument cluster. by Eddie Carrara. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Mercedes Benz Common Fault codes . There are a couple of bulletins talking about replacing the pins on the ESP control unit but not for Yaw Rate problems. 381 Pages, PDF Size 19. Mercedes ESP Warning Light. Mercedes C-Class W203 W204 ESP light -ESP light on a C-Class is typically caused  Aug 14, 2017 C-Class (W203) - ABS/ESP Fault C1114 Right front speed sensor SOLVED! - The ABS lamp light up in the dashboard, so I used a fault code reader to see what  Aug 13, 2016 The ESP malfunction light on the dashboard came on as well  May 29, 2017 I have a w203 c200 CDI 2005 auto and the other day I was stuck in stop go traffic. Can someone please help me and tell me whats wrong with the car. I had to take it to the shop and in the end - they had to replace the valve body with a new updated unit. C1550 Check power supply at control unit N47-5 (ESP and BAS control module). The fault is that the vehicle has no ignition, no cranking. If I restart the car it goes away for about 5 minutes. Jun 10, 2015 This article applies to the MercedesBenz CClass w204 ( ). x. A fault in a major link (like a wheel speed sensor wire) can cause a full shutdown that will not allow the car to accelerate. You will need to remove and send your module to us  00 01 W203 C CLASS ABS ANTI LOCK MODULE ONLY TESTED ON CAR WORKS GREAT. ESP Electronic Stability Program 7 EA Electronic Accelerator+ ISC Idle Speed Control CC Cruise Control/idle Speed Control 8 BM Base Module BAS Brake Assist 9 ASD Automatic Locking Differential, Models 124, 129, 140 10 EATC Electronic Automatic Transmission Control (5-speed AT) (722. In the majority of cases when the SRS light is on on your Mercedes, the fault is associated to the passenger seat pad. Finally Fix Mercedes C Class Esp Abs Bas Fault Light Malfunction For Excellent Mercedes W204 Fuse Chart Uploaded by on Thursday, January 17th, 2019 in category Wiring Diagram. . The ESP apparently tried to compensate for the steering, which is what it is supposed to do. I have W203 model 2005 with this Fault: C1140: B34 (ESP Brake Pressure Sensor ): Electrical Fault I checked actual values for B34 ( Brake Pressure Sensor ) and A7/7s1 All are OK. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MERCEDES W203 C240 ABS Brake Pump Control Module at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Buy Mercedes 98-05) Yaw (Turn Rate) Sensor GENUINE: Replacement Parts - Amazon. Think about it, if a fault existed on an input (SRS component) how could you find out where the fault was if the control unit was blocked from being read… If once you reconnect the the seat pad wiring and the SRS fault lamp remains without the orange airbag lamp on the selector console then the fault is most probably elsewhere. because esp light on and can t access to the esp module Antenna amplifier fuse blowing. 2008 E350 4-matic sedan. How to reset service light indicator Mercedes C Class W203. SOURCE: Release hood on 2003 c230 Mercedes. 6) You get the ESP messages with 'limp mode' which is not just for transmission. ESP stabilizes the vehicle when cornering, when braking or when coasting without power and holds it reliably in track. Discuss C240 Transmission Control Problem? in the alt. And i dont want answers like take it to the workshop or any Went to the tyre workshop to check if there is anything wrong with the tyre alignment/balancing but the boss claimed that it is the ESP button fault and he (coincidentially) also owns a C200K and got the problem fixed at C&C. P1221 CAN signal from ASR/EGS/ESP. My C200 (W203) has been throwing up ESP Faulty message. In the passenger seat there is an electronic pad that sensors whether the seat is occupied and therefore switches the passenger air bag on or off. Had codes red (with a snap on code reader today at my usual garage,& it Flaged some sensor(i cant remember proper name)to do with the centering of the steering wheel being centered when front wheels are pointing straight ahead. Our office will be closed from 4pm, Friday 23rd December 2016 and will open at 8am, on Monday 16th January 2016. You should use a diagnostic tool which covers the airbag system such as the i980 iCarsoft kit. Comments: i have a 2001 320 with 66,000 miles the esp lights is on and when i turn right it seem to want to turn to the left and the same if i turn to the right please help : February 15, 2017 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: You will need to have the fault codes pulled from the ESP module, then you can determine what diagnostic path to take. Download Mercedes-Benz W212 Lenkrad im W203 Download W203 Mercedes C class SRS new vin number transfer Download Evaporator core replacement Mercedes-Benz W203 冷氣維修全紀錄エバポレーター交換 Download How to Remove and Replace a Door Panel on a Mercedes Benz W203 C240 iCarsoft i908 Compatible for AUDI SEAT SKODA OBD2 Engine Vehicle Diagnostic Tool Code Fault Multi-System OBD-II Scanner. - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic hi there i braught a 2001 c180 (w203) about 3 or 4 weeks ago. You will find video DIY guides for simple jobs like changing the oil, to more complex procedures like changing gearboxes, engines, diff etc. (All under warranty) Mercedes C220 Cdi 2005 (W203) In England ESP came on intermittently but now comes on every time after starting car. ESP® – different names for the same safety benefit 80 percent of vehicle manufacturers in Europe use the acronym ESP® for the Electronic Stability Program. Hi Have a C320 W203 2002 model we have the code c1200 s9/1 it has had stop lamp switch changed MB specialists checked actual values through ESP through stop light switch NC contact not showing correct stripped back wiring to ESP control module tested pins 44-17 all ok tested pins 44-1 and found okay on reconnecting ESP control unit working correctly drove the car for a few days okay then on After update engine is running, but dash gives ESP fault. The W204 stopped production in 2014, which is a seven year run since 2007. Hi All My E230 power steering leak, got it repair, but in term the ESP light pop up. 108 readout fault codes on MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS (W203) C 200 CDI (203. All I am saying is it may be your battery but if already replaced twice, I doubt it. It fixed the cruise fault… The instrument panel fuse panel Mercedes-Benz C-Class w203 – fuse box diagram – instrument panel Problems and Faults with the W204 C Class The W204 C Class is an extremely common Mercedes on UK roads at this current time. Its the bigger of the two sensors. CarManualsOnline. Mercedes C Class W203 Srs Airbag Warning Light How To Turn It Off Finally Fix Mercedes C Class Esp Abs Bas Fault Light Malfunction certain number of failures has occurred the fault is moved to permanent storage and the Check Engine Light (MIL) will be illuminated. Im so pleased it wasnt expensive. How to replace the brake light switch on a Mercedes w208 w210 w163 w203 . If there is an issue with any wheel speed sensor arrangement on any corner, then this will prevent a number of things working correctly, namely ABS, TCS, ESP, BAS, Cruise Control/Speed Limiter and on the SLK power operation of the Vario roof too. I know that it means Brake Assist and Electric Stability Program but I dont know what is actually wrong. Brake Light Switch may cause BAS / ESP / ABS light to come on. W203 ME 2. Search in MERCEDES-BENZ C320 2001 W203 Owner's Manual online. What causes my 2006 Mercedes to show a esp malfunction message? sometimes the ESP message shows on the information center and at the same time the cruise control will show a malfunction. Tämä ilmenee pikkupakkasilla, kun sataa kevyttä lunta. Locate your fuse boxes, and become current with fuse sizes as well as color codes. It is a self protection mode that the car goes into whenever it detects a fault that it is programmed to avoid further potential damage. Mercedes Fault codes can be a pain especially the body and chassis control codes. Some carmakers market the ESP® under different names, such as DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) or VSC (Vehicle Stability Control). 95 $ 113. Pull this tongue and at the same time, lift the hood. Lateral Acceleration Sensor ESP OES For Mercedes CL203 R170 S203 W163 W202 W203. ESP FAULT FIXED! _____ ESP fault sorted today. W203 brakes - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic The ESP light came on after the car made a "kachunk" sound and it felt like the transmission went out. The W203 C Class Mercedes was produced between 2000 and 2007 and has approximately 46 different varieties depending in which country you live in. ABS Light ESP Light on C160 C180 C200 C230 C240 C270 C280 C320 C350 We took this video to show you how to replace the ESP Module ( traction control and Welcome to the forum,, I think that you will have to get the codes read out as the are several things that could do this,, Why not go to an indie where the cost of a read out will be around £25 then with the fault code we should be able to guide you through the rest. Pull the red lever under the drivers side dashboard-about where your left knee would be, sitting in the vehicle. Here in the UK, the W203 is a very common sight amongst the taxis thanks to the frugal four cylinder engines providing great economy and decent performance. Mechanic says this very common and ask if want to replace the steering angle sensor ashe replace numberous units Even a rough road can set enough faults to cause the ABS, ASR or ESP systems to get confused about what is really happening. ABS faults can be complex to solve but often it is the simplest of things that causes those dreaded lamps on the dash. Mercedes Benz EPC Type W203 203 C-Class Information If you are having trouble with EPC diagram pages, try using the ALT LINKS from pages where they appear to access a different version on another website. Shop with confidence. Unquote Different wheel sizes on the same axle/car is unforgivable, and with a car with ESP/ABS you will without doubt get a warning light telling you so. com: passionné(e)s de Mercedes-Benz, visitez le forum pour en découvrir davantage. Its been going well until this morning on the way to work when there was a sudden jerk to the left followed by the yellow triangle lighting up then followed by EPS fault message. Update the software to the ESP unit, flash the transmission controller unit with new software. As I suspect Mercedes C Class w203 (Second generation 2000 – 2007) – fuse box Description Fuse number ABS 56,59,60,62 Airbag warning lamps 41,42,4549 Airbag/side airbag control unit 45,49 Air-conditioner (SE) 41,51 Anti-thef alarm (SE) 8,9,41 Automatic heater system 41 Auxiliary heater (SE) 35 Blower motor (heater/AC) 30,41 Breake lights 62 Central locking 21,22,32,33,57 Central locking – … Common Issues With the Mercedes C-Class to Consider Before You Buy BAS/ESP what is it? - Leon_vas : BAS = Brake Assist programme ESP = Electronic Stability Programme If you see both messeages at the same time on a C Class (W203), suggestion is to have it checked out by the MB dealer as this is a well known issue. The ESC (or ESP) system has been deactivated. 8 Fault; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. This Site Was Built With You In Mind! ABS Brake Light On After Wheel Bearing Replacement. Solution. Attempting to drive the car on ice, with the tires spinning may cause a total shutdown. Some vehicles are equipped with an ESP on/off button. ESP gives dtc "wrong ecu" /missing communication with ecu. 8 Kompressor 105kw automat A2711539079 5WK90506 04W23 SIM4LKE Attached full flash (read after software update) cmd read (before update) Before update: MB object number 0014463702 Mercedes SRS light on. I checked ESP connector Plug ( pins look Very Clean ) Also Check Plugs on B34 and A7/7s1 also looks fine. Posted on Nov 14, 2008 Mercedes C Class W203 SRS airbag warning light - indicates a problem within the airbag system and needs to be checked out ASAP. It operates by actuating the brakes individually on one or more wheels on the front or rear axle. 6 out of 5 stars 10. C1510 Fault in CAN communication with control unit N63/1 (DTR control module). It is the most common problem with Mercedes-Benz cars. Twist screws (1) 90° counter clockwise. My ESP warnings started after I had some major front end work done on my 2002 C230 Mercedes, and the shop had the front alignement way off so the car wanted to turn right and the steering wheel was off center. Keli kun menee lämpimän puolelle, niin vikailmoitukset katoavat. Mercedes Benz ML-Class W163 W164 W166 – A common problem that causes the ESP light to come on in Mercedes-Benz ML models is the ABS pump. Once the Function Test has been started it cannot be cancelled and must be successfully finished. On cars equipped with Fault Registers the Check Engine Light may stay on after the Stored or Permanent Fault has been erased if another occurrence of the fault has happened since the original Permanent Fault was Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Mercedes Benz 203,210, 211, 230, 240 basics Electronic Stability Program (ESP) function The " E lectronic S tability P rogram " ( ESP ) is an active safety system Merc ESP Malfunction. What is the problem and can I remedy it myself ? All other cars without the MK60 ATE ABS Control Module have the Brake Pressure Sensor fitted externally to the ABS Pump and guess what, they never fail!. info is the largest online database of car user manuals. Gain the capacity to replace your fuses, and the potential to insulate yourself from shocking repair bills. Even worn bearings on the trailing arms will cause the Warning light to show, so if you have this problem on Mercedes Benz Car Manuals PDF & Wiring Diagrams above the page. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Turn on the ignition (standard display of the control system appears). If “ESP – Visit Workshop” is being displayed in the instrument cluster, and for vehicles with an automatic transmission, the selector lever cannot be moved from position “P” after the engine is started, and various fault codes are stored in the relevant control units, perform the following repair. So recently I get a notification that ESP is inoperative. Ecu is in limb mode. The hood will pop up and a tongue will protrude through the front grille. P1222 accelerator pedal position sensor   Jun 14, 2012 how “the ESP [Electronic Stability Program] system is programmed to diagnose electrical faults and that brake applications resulting from yaw  Jan 15, 2019 If the light comes on and stays on, it either indicates that the ESP system has a fault or has been turned off, so you'll need to get the system  The ESP System Function or Road Test serves to check the Plausibility of the The ONLY fault that should be stored in the 03-ABS controller is 01486 and the . replace brake … Aug 25, 2013 · How to replace the brake light switch on a Mercedes w208 w210 w163 w203 w203 . 00. Did you have ESP malfunction earlier (old sensor broken and diagnosed)? Sometimes these things need code reset. The abs ESP fault was due to an incorrect rear wheel size, that was free. 004) OBD Code P1664, Hex Code 1664, Decimal Code 5732 ( 8 times read) ECU Engine Control Module (ECM) (8 times read) mercedes w204 abs pump repair service fault code 5001 esp pump motor london. Mercedes-Benz also broke a number of speed records, including the barrier of 200 km / h was probably most notable for its time. Find great deals on eBay for mercedes esp module. Currently I own a Mercedes Benz model C-280 Elegance, 2007, assembled in Germany, which was damaged the ECU, the fault that arises is that the microchip was damaged, I tried to repair it in Venezuela 2 times and not they have been able to repair parts shortages. Car MB W203 2004 1. Here is a detailed list of them: Circuit Malfunction P0466 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit Range/Performance P0467 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit Low Input P0468 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit High Input P0469 Purge Flow Sensor Circuit Intermittent Fuse box in passenger compartment Mercedes w203. The ESP dashboard warning light on the Mercedes stands for ‘Electronic Stability Program’. 6) ETC Electronic Transmission Control (722. buy it now. The ESP System Function Test should be performed after all major work on the Brake System, in some cases the Brake Electronics Control Module (J104) may automatically require this Function Test and set the correlating Fault Code 01486. When traffic eased off and pressed the accelerator, car was. I would have the faults read before going any 101: N64 ( ESP yaw rate sensor) = 88 Grad/sec ( as an average) Best regards 88 Grad/sec is WAY too high. In your car faulty Electronic Stability Program system, it's included many different sensors (yaw-rate sensor, steering angel sensor, body  Ok, so the ESP is the "Electronic Stability Program". mercedes forum at Car Dealer Forums; My 2002 C240 goes into gear with a thud and won't upshift. I check all conections on ece, abs, bas, and they are good so im interested if someone have wiring diagrams for this lines for can for bas and ecu abs and ecu and abs and bas. The main fuse box is located in the passen­ger compartment on the driver’s side of the cockpit. P1221 CAN reception from ASR/ETC/ESP. C1600 N47-5 (ESP, SPS [PML] and BAS control unit): coding is faulty. Very familiar with models such as E 320, C 240, SLK, CLK and several other Mercedes-Benz chassis. The symbol of a skidding / slipping car illuminating indicates ESP or traction control has intervened to help stabilise the car. auto. mercedes c class w203 c180 kompressor esp yaw turn rate sensor What is ESP malfunction is and how to fix it? (2006 Mercedes-Benz E500 4MATIC) When the car is on and we leave the gear to Park or Neutral, the RPM oscillating and make hum hum hum noise. If the ESP light stays illuminated, ESP has malfunctioned. $113. The fuse box is located in the engine compartment on the left hand side. Report; no oil presure,i replace timing chain ,and new oil pump with new chain but still no oil presure ,where can i look for fault . Esc will not stabilize the vehicle if it starts to skid or if a wheel starts to spin. The MercedesBenz's ESP or Electronic Stability Program analyzes the driving stability of your MercedesBenz, and automatically applies the brakes to individual wheels to adjust the engine output in order to help the automobile stay within its driving limits. Opening the doors with the remote 2 position on the Mercedes E-Class W211 - Duration: 1:01. Mercedes C-Class W203 W204 ESP light -ESP light on a C-Class is typically caused by a defective brake light switch or low battery voltage. The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) is an active safety system which improves vehicle stability in all driving situations. You likely have faults for something else. Fault finding and repair. Control Module 2035451632 ABS ESP W203 (Fits: Mercedes-Benz) Electronic Stability Program Control Unit Our experienced team will do what it takes to get your Mercedes or Sprinter back where it belongs: on the road! We’ve listed all of the Mercedes fault codes and their explanations to help you understand what’s going on with your vehicle if you have your own scanner and want to learn more about Mercedes fault codes. The ESP fault code will describe which of the following is the problem. Comments: I have a c200k w203 I have abs,esp and and fault lights on. 95. I have ESP unavailable problem for few months aready last week, i have go to service centre and change it steering angle sensor after service centre have change above sensor and i have test turn my steering hardly seem now no more ESP light up but i scared it will come another light of faulty again cause the sensor above is really expensive Think about it, if a fault existed on an input (SRS component) how could you find out where the fault was if the control unit was blocked from being read… If once you reconnect the the seat pad wiring and the SRS fault lamp remains without the orange airbag lamp on the selector console then the fault is most probably elsewhere. How can I repair this - Mercedes-Benz 2001 C-Class question w203 battery alternator fault fault batteryalternator and head light problems. I have c class 202 model and i have constantly this fault after every few minutes, when i delete fault i get it again after few min. Here is an updated pic to make sure you are on N64. Mistähän nämä voisi johtua? Sivuttaiskiihtyvyysanturi on ilmeisesti ollut yksi syyllinen monilla? Onko Oulu-Kempele-Liminka -alueella Star-räplääjiä? Ajoneuvo on W203 -06 200cdi. Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Fuse Diagrams and Commonly Blown Fuses. Reduce speed and accelerate gently. Only the company engineers would be able to go into the stored faults and see the KM reading of Fault occurrence whereby the evidence is totally within their control!! Forum-mercedes. Limited Time Special Ville-Veikko kirjoitti:Tulipahan uusittua mersua ja ei kerenny kauaa nauttia autosta, kun alkoi herjaamaan ABS ja ESP vikaa. 92 MB. Conduct fuse testing to find blown fuses. 4. This module solved an ABS/ESP fault in my 2001 C240. 1: I changed ESP module Find great deals on eBay for w203 esp. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. Mercedes-Benz E320 Brake Light Switch Failure May Cause ESP/BAS Warning Lights - 94 reports. Find great deals on eBay for ESP Sensor in ABS System Parts. See also Mercedes Wiring Diagram Legend Key Detailed Wiring Diagrams For Alternative Mercedes W204 Fuse Chart from Wiring Diagram Topic. From year: 2004. Don't have a code reader so have just changed both speed sensors, but Stoll same codes, is there a reset or is the fault elsewhere? July 28, 2017 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: No. b1078 alarm signal siren with additional battery faulty batteryalternator light wont reset changed voltage regulator (alternator) now lots of stuff now working my wifes Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204) The Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203) is an automobile which was produced by German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz from July 2000 to December 2006. Pull up cover (2) Slide out retainer (3) and remove cover by pulling towards front. Hi All can anyone tell me the discription of the fault code c1174 on a merc c180 w203 035, I had this one in today and fitted a speed sensor on the n/s/f which took out the fault code c1100 rpm sensor fl l6/1 but the code (c1174 [83,11,74,0] please refer to relevent technical manual) is still there and (electonic stability program not avalible) is displayed on dash. All this really does is take away cruise control so its not a big deal, but holy hell does that yellow triangle light annoy the hell out of me at night. The kit will tell you where within the airbag system the fault is occuring, and also allow you to clear the dashboard Mercedes w208 BAS ABS ESP fault. Australian ECU Repair would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe holiday season. readjusting, resetting does not help. Hidden functions. Going to C&C will be the last resort since mine is a PI car. w203 esp fault

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